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On The Issues


In the 2023 Executive Budget I was able to secure an additional $50,000 to our forestry budget to help address our ongoing emerald ash borer issue in the City of Manitowoc. This will allow for the removal of more dying ash trees and help keep our parks and forests looking beautiful.

A tree treated for infestation by Emerald Ash Borers invasive insect species.

Fiscal Responsibility

Voted against spending $500,000 to switch 8th and 10th streets to two way streets. Voted against property tax increase on housing reassessments in an inflated market in the 2022 executive budget.


I always take into account constituent input when putting forth a vote on any issue, even if I may personally disagree. I respond to all citizen concerns in a timely manner, and will always be transparent about the issues facing our community.

City of Manitowoc Aldermanic Districts.

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